San Jose Church

Built in the second half of the 18th century to assist Polop´s parish church until it achieved ecclesiastical independence at the turn of the century. After l´Alfàs became independent in 1836, this church started to be referred to as the “church of Alfaz” and the “church of Alfaz del Pino” on the baptism certificates it issued, until 1892 when a baptism was registered at “the Parrochial Church of San José”. Presently, the authorship and exact date of the icons and high altar is unknown. On the other hand, the most significant carving that the temple has, the Santísimo Cristo del Buen Acierto christ”, does have a historical record as a study on the origins of the Christ was published in 2007. Once the sacred image of Cristo del Buen Acierto reached the village of l´Alfàs del Pi, the 26th March 1857, the Communion chapel was renovated to allow for the taller than normal crucifix, a new recess was built and the altar, that then held the tabernacle, was decorated and ornamented. At the same time, Pascual Baldó Orozco, a Carmelite friar born in l´Alfàs del Pi in 1807 and with an important ecclesiastical career in Valencia, began the process to obtain a pardon to exalt the image and promote popular religiousness. When the pope Pius IX granted the celebration of 40 hours and the plenary indulgences that come with it, a new milestone was set in the history of a village that, until recently, had been a modest hamlet, since it was given a date so it could annually celebrate the passing on of its resident´s lives and therefore celebrate, on the 10th November, a very special date throughout the years, dear for all the village, when the people would gather around the Plaza Major square to accompany the icon that arrived by sea from Valencia on Thursday 26th March, 1857. In 1870, with 6000 reales coins, legacy of Pascual Baldó, the Mayor ordered architect Don Francisco Morell y Gomez to design a restoration project for the church tower that would install a clock that was donated by the village´s famous son. The last restoration of the chapel was unveiled on 10th November 1999, recovering the aesthetics it had in 1936.

San Jose Church

Plaça Major, 2,
03580 – L’Alfàs del Pi

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Monday – Sunday : 08:00h – 20:00h