Welcome l’Alfàs

Its blue skies with hardly any clouds, its sunny summer or the pleasant temperature of its unique winter, were the initial lure, the catalyst, of what has become one of the role model destinations concerning residential tourism in Europe. A place where the territory´s natural qualities have been, and still are, complemented with a wide range of top tier services that have attracted thousands of residents with roots in faraway lands, making them ordinary citizens of l´Alfàs.
l’Alfàs del Pi is that destination where you can live unforgettable experiences and create marvellous memories. A place that you will always want to come back to and that you will never want to leave behind.

Welcome l’Alfàs, come and stay

Albir Beach

Enjoy our beach´s peaceful waters

Serra Gelada Natural Park

Stay in touch with nature

L’Alfàs Natural Territory

Seven Blue Flag awards that are symbols of environmental excellence

L’Alfàs del Pi Film Festival

34 years paying tribute to the world of cinema