Smart Tourism Destination of l’Alfàs

The smart tourist destination project of l’Alfàs del Pi began with the tourism, leisure and hospitality law and with a focus not only on optimizing the visitor experience, but also on achieving a better quality of life for residents.

UNE 178501 AENOR standard includes the requirements to establish, implement, maintain and improve a Management System for Smart Tourist Destinations, based on the axes of innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability in its economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects.

In 2020, after adapting the self-diagnosis to the characteristics and peculiarities of health and wellness tourism, l’Alfàs received the test report for the UNE 178501 standard from AENOR, whose results based on the previous work carried out in the areas involved, gave as result in a positive balance reaching level 2.

With this progress in terms of smart tourism in 2022, the DTI Master Plan of l’Alfàs is constituted as the reference document for the different public and private agents of the new tourism management model, for the establishment of action plans, and for achieve the following objective: increase its competitiveness as a destination through innovation, improve the perception, the experience of tourists and the quality of life of residents.