The anchor on Albir Beach Front

The sculpture in the circular plaza where the Paseo de las Estrellas boardwalk begins is the work of sculptor Jorge Castro and was created as a symbol of unity between different cultures. Called “Asentamiento” (settlement), its artist and creator Jorge Castro designed it as an element that “anchors” where the traveller wants to settle down. He believed its permanence gives it the proximity between travellers and residents, a relevant factor in the evolution of Mediterranean cultures. On one hand the wish to know what the chosen place offers us while, on the other hand, the desire to know what the traveller brings us. Therefore it was conceived as a representative symbol of the welcoming spirit that characterizes the native residents of l´Alfàs del Pi. Since then, everybody can take a souvenir photograph in direct contact with the monument around which various cultural activities are programmed and where the Artisan´s Fair is held in summer.