Without a doubt, rice is the base product of our traditional cuisine. Popular recipes are prepared in many ways: rice with onion, with peppers or with beans, are spoonfuls that constitute the main foodstuff for a rural population.

Another of l´Alfàs del Pi´s own recipes is Putxero amb pilotes, a stew that is eaten on Xmas Day or the 10th of November, the Christ patron saint´s day. Pilotes de Dacsa, a stew made with corn flour balls, and Olleta de Blat are other traditional dishes present in l´Alfàs cuisine. Pastries known as “coca” also deserve a special mention for being a fundamental part of our gastronomy and can be found in every bakery in town. They are baked while covered, such as coca farcida (filled with tuna, tomato and peppers) or coca with chard, or uncovered such as the typical coca a la calda, a wheat flour base with fresh tomato, sausage, bacon and sardines. To finish our culinary adventure, we have traditional homemade sweets, such as pumpkin fritters or sweet potato and almond pastries that are typically eaten in Xmas. In Easter, we go to the countryside to eat a cake (mona) while breaking a raw egg on someone´s forehead while reciting a rhyme (ací em pica, ací em cou, ací em menge la mona i ací et trenque l’ou) according to tradition.

Gatronomical Events in l’Alfàs del Pí


  • Menjars de Cine


  • World Paella Day