Apart from the various sea sports you can do in l´Alfàs del Pi, there are other activities such as hiking, cycling tourism, climbing or horse riding.
Be it to do some exercise or simply to relax and loosen muscles, there is nothing better than to take a stroll along the beach and enjoy the sea breeze or to walk through l´Alfàs del Pi´s town centre, taking discreet side lanes through natural spots between orange and almond trees in bloom that mix their aroma with the sea´s. But you still have a lot to discover. Our mountains offer nature at its finest, where you can contemplate unforgettable views.




Along this route we will visit some of the most beautiful spots in our town. An Instagram photographic route with hashtags displayed on signs placed in strategic places where users can share images and experiences of their stay.
Find the spots along the route. You will find indications there about from where to take the photograph, defined by an angle with the best frame of the spot.
As you can see, this route is divided into two areas: Albir Beach and Albir Lighthouse.



Let yourself go with the aroma of the orange blossom. With the arrival of spring our orange trees bloom and the fields begin to flood with beautiful white flowers. The orange blossom has great properties and is a highly appreciated flower for its aroma. Although it is a flower mainly associated with the orange tree, the orange blossom is also born from other fruit trees of the citrus family such as the citron or the lemon tree. From the beach of l’Albir, go along the Boulevard de los Músicos towards the city center, connecting with Avda de l’Albir, continue to the right towards Carrer Riu Serpis, continue to the left along Carrer Rambla de l’Albir to pass carefully under the national road and turn right towards camí del Sarando until the intersection with camí dels Alguers. From Camí dels Alguers and with the help of a street map, there are different secondary paths with little traffic to explore, surrounded by fields and green areas.



Visit in the urban center 10 of the most unique trees in our municipality, some for their symbolic and historical importance and others for their monumental character. We start with the enigmatic pine tree in the Plaza Mayor that recalls the demand for separation from the Barony of Polop. Next to the church, in Plaza Jaime I we can see a good example of carob tree next to the facade of some houses. From there we cross the País Valencià Avenue in the direction of the Camí de les Coves, we turn left towards the Camí del Soler where we find another centennial carob tree and following this narrow road, we will find on our left, several examples of long-lived olive trees. We will arrive at the roundabout of the Arabí shopping center and head towards Tabarca street where we can see several examples of Olmos. Then we return to the center along Calle Ferrería and at the roundabout we turn right to continue along Calle Ejércitos Españoles to the Hogar del Pensionista where we can see beautiful specimens of Araucarias. Then we head down Madrid street towards Parque el Plá to contemplate a beautiful carob tree next to the children’s play area and finally on Federico García Lorca street we will contemplate a beautiful cypress cataloged in our municipal catalog of singular trees.

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In our province, the regions of La Marina, Alta and Baja combine all the essence of the Mediterranean. From l’Alfàs del Pí you can also visit coastal destinations such as Benidorm, Altea, Calpe or Villajoyosa or mountains that bring together cliffs, coves and capes such as San Antonio, Nao or Morro de Toix that contrast with the interior where there are also places full of charm to enjoy unique moments such as the Castell de Guadalest or Les Fonts de l’Algar.

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