Executive summary Strategic Tourism Plan

L’Alfàs del Pi is as a destination with a long history of more than five decades of specialization as a mixed residential sun and beach tourist destination. In this municipality of the Costa Blanca, tourism began to work from the 1960s, thus following the current that triggered the Spanish tourist boom, the result of the opening to international tourism. However, today l’Alfàs is much more than a destination with a beach and enviable weather. The municipality has a significant number of assets linked to nature, culture, and health and wellness tourism, this being the type of tourism on which it has focused its efforts in recent years, thus aligning itself with the proposed city strategy .

The preparation of this strategic document is aimed at materializing the interest and conviction of the City Council of l’Alfàs del Pi, and its Department of Tourism, for carrying out a planned and orderly tourism development, which allows the destination to be more resilient and competitive according their specific needs.