Festivals in L'Alfàs del Pi

Festivals in L'Alfàs del Pi

If there is something that defines a municipality and makes it unique, it is its culture. Culture is the soul of a vibrant society, its identity.

In l'Alfàs, culture is impregnated in a discreet but perceptible way in each one of its facilities, in each one of its activities and in each daily act, from the centennial recipe of a stew to the celebration of a street parade. As we tell our stories, we celebrate, remember the past, entertain ourselves and imagine the future. Our creative expression helps define who we are and helps us see the world through the eyes of others.

L'Alfàs, has a unique cultural attraction, this cinema municipality becomes during the 12 months of the year a meeting place for lovers of art and culture, guaranteeing quality cultural enjoyment and surprising us every day with a cultural program different.

Film Festival of  l’Alfàs del Pi

36º Film Festival of l’Alfàs del Pi

This annual event brings together the best actors, screenwriters, producers and directors of the national and international film scene. It offers the opportunity to enjoy screenings at the Cine Roma, Casa de Cultura or the Cine en la Playa.  Every year the festival awards its short films in competition and presents the Silver Lighthouse to the professional career.  It has numerous parallel activities such as theatre, concerts, workshops and round tables. Web del festival
Mostra de Teatre

22º Mostra de Teatre

For a week, the latest professional theatrical proposals that have been on the main national and amateur billboards are exhibited, including a tribute to a renowned actor or actress whose play is awarded the "Pi d'Honor de Teatre" (Theatre's Pi of Honour).
Festival Provincial de Artes Escénicas de la Diputación

5º Festival Provincial de Artes Escénicas de la Diputación

Promoted by the Diputación de Alicante, this provincial festival, in which l'Alfàs del Pí participates, brings together proposals from different municipalities to contribute to giving greater visibility to the Performing Arts, in the modalities of theatre, children's theatre, circus and dance.
Classical Music Festival “Mozartmanía”

34º Classical Music Festival “Mozartmanía”

In homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Von Beethoven, both fathers of "classical symphonism", every year in this pioneering festival in the province of Alicante, we can listen live to the most important national and international classical orchestras and chamber groups.
Jazz Festival “L’Alfàs en Jazz”

31º Jazz Festival “L’Alfàs en Jazz”

In previous editions of this festival, which initially took place in the Auditorium of the Casa de Cultura and later took to the streets and the most emblematic pubs of the municipality, musicians as emblematic as Lou Benett, Pedro Iturralde, Teté Montoliu, or groups such as the Bourbon Street Stompers, Bernard van Rossum quartet and Chameleon jazz Group have taken part.
Cultural Week l’Alfàs amb Historia

13º Cultural Week l’Alfàs amb Historia

The aim of these days is to highlight the different historical, sociological, economic and cultural aspects related to the municipality's past. During this week the "Premi l'Alfàs" is awarded every year to commemorate the segregation of the Barony of Polop and the birth of the new municipality of l'Alfàs del Pí.
International Choir Festival of l’Alfàs del Pi “L’Alfàs Canta”

12º International Choir Festival of l’Alfàs del Pi “L’Alfàs Canta”

This annual event brings together different national and international choral groups, offering a wide repertoire of vocal, classical, contemporary and folk music, making l'Alfàs del Pí a venue for international choral singing.
Summer Festival

24º Summer Festival

The summer event to take cultural activities to the streets, held during the summer nights on the beach of l'Albir, offers a compendium of proposals that includes practically all the performing arts, music, theatre, cinema and dance.
Music Festival “Concerts a la Lluna de l’Albir”

7º Music Festival “Concerts a la Lluna de l’Albir”

It was created with the aim of culturally revitalising the beach area during the summer season and takes advantage of the magnificent setting offered by the Villa Romana de l'Albir Open Air Museum to offer concerts featuring performers of recognised prestige and different musical styles.
Spanish-Norwegian cultural week

22º Spanish-Norwegian cultural week

Given the close ties between Norway and L'Alfàs del Pí, where more than 2,500 Norwegians currently live, these days encourage coexistence and cultural exchange, with a programme aimed at the general public that includes music, literature, dance and gastronomy.
Children’s Christmas Festival “Jajajajaja Risas Navideñas”

19º Children’s Christmas Festival “Jajajajaja Risas Navideñas”

During the Christmas holidays a time and space is dedicated to children so that they can enjoy culture with musical, theatrical and playful activities. This event coincides with the Local Nativity Scene Competition and the Local Christmas Tree Decoration Competition.

Calendar Cultural activities


  • Europe Day
  • Norway National Day


  • 23º Craft Fair in Platja Albir


  • 23º Craft Fair in Platja Albir


  • 17º Balconades de l’Alfàs del Pi


  • 14º Artist’s meeting “Platja de l’Albir”


  • 8º Creative Women’s Exhibition “Juno a la Tardor”


  • 18º Christmas Tree Competition
  • 17º Local Christmas Window Shop Window Competition