Sculpture At The Johan Galtung Peace Park

In the middle of this modest park we can find the large, five metre tall sculpture “Utoya” by artist Agustín Ibarrola Goikoechea. An original work by the Basque sculptor that is integrated in the Memory Map circuit of places where other shelters of his are featured: Alicante, Andoain, Ermua, Logroño, Murcia, Santander, Vitoria… It was installed in memoriam of the victims of the Utoya and Oslo terrorist attacks on 22nd of July 2011, a day that every year is remembered with a minute of silence and with red roses placed by the sculpture, symbol of the solidarity and the peace that honours the memory of those that suffered the attacks.

Johan Galtung was one of the first Norwegians to buy a house in l´Alfàs del Pi. A peace studies investigator, mathematician, sociologist, scientist and politician, he has participated as a mediator in over 40 conflicts. In summer 2013 he was honoured in l´Alfàs del Pi with his “own” park.

The local market is held next to this park every Friday, on the same street where we can find the Norwegian Club.